Brazil: Quick Portuguese class

Hi, guys! Today I will help you with my language: Portuguese! No we Brazilians don’t speak Spanish, we get mad when you start to speak Spanish with us, but we always try to understand it because it is similar to Portuguese.

Unlike the other Latin American countries, that were colonized by Spain, we were colonized by Portugual. They arrived here in 1500 because they missed the route to India (hahaha it’s true). There were many indigenous people here and, like all the stories about colonization, you already know the end: something to do with slavery, killing and extortion of natural resources.Because of the influence of indigenous people and African who were enslaved, our language is actually different from Portugal’s Portuguese. So, if you speak Portuguese but learned it in Portugal, be patient because we will probably have problems understanding your message. The Portuguese I find easier to understand is the one from Angola.

When you get here, you will find out that most of the population don’t speak English so my first advice is: always ask something in English to young people. The reason is very simple: in the last few years, learn English at school became a rule in Brazil, so the probability of finding a young person who can understand you is higher than find an old person who can do the same.

This said, I love to learn words from the country I am going to visit, it helps me to feel safer. So I thought about teach you some Portuguese-BR words/sentences. Let’s do it?

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