10 things I think you should know before you come to Rio de Janeiro

As you may know, I live in Rio since the day I was born so I think I may have valuable information for you. As always, you can leave a comment below with your questions.

#1:  Rio is not a safe city but it is not that bad

The first thing I hear from my friends that come to visit me in Rio is “I thought it was worst”. Of course, as a city with a very serious social inequality, Rio is a violent city and I can not say the opposite, but I think that what they show about the city in other countries has nothing to do with the reality. My advises are: do not use jewelry, watch on your phone or camera and avoid walking with them apparent, use a money belt to keep money, do not walk distracted (it’s a horrible advice to give when you are traveling, but I’m being honest). If you take this precautions, your visit will be amazing :)

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